PPE Testing Services

Female Medical Frontliner Wearing PPE

Ensure your PPE’s quality, durability and performance with comprehensive testing.

Ensuring the safety and efficacy of your personal protective equipment is essential. We offer a comprehensive range of PPE testing services, based on domestic and international standards for durability, safety, efficacy and protection, including BS, IS, EN and ASTM. Our laboratory in Chennai is BIS accredited for conducting quality testing for filtering half masks – IS9473, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

We have a global network of highly trained technicians, backed up with state-of-the art laboratories, to assist in the design and development of various forms of PPE. Our testing services are are competitively priced, with fast and efficient turnaround times.

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We test a range of PPE products, including:

  • Medical coveralls and surgical gowns
  • Medical gloves and examination gloves
  • Masks, including full face masks, half and quarter face masks and respirators
  • Filtering face masks, including half masks and quarter masks
  • Single use towels
  • Protective clothing
  • Reusable face masks


Commonly known as a filtering face piece, or a half mask, respirators have a tight facial fit and provide the wearer with protection against the inhalation of hazardous gases and are very efficient for the filtration of airborne particles.

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Full face mask

Full Face Mask

A full face mask is a facepiece which covers the eyes, nose, mouth and chin and provides adequate sealing of the face of the wearer of the respiratory protective device against the ambient atmosphere, when the skin is dry or moist, and even when the head is moved or when the wearer is speaking.

Reusable fabric masks

Reusable Fabric Mask/Barrier Mask

Barrier mask is intended to complement protective measures and for use by healthy people as a community mask. Wearing of barrier mask is restricted to half a day and constitutes a protective barrier against possible penetration of the virus from a nearby person. It is intended to reduce risk of general transmissions of the infectious agent in regular day to day life. This can contribute to the protection of a whole group. It harmonizes the minimum requirements applicable to devices that are alternative to respiratory protective masks and surgical masks.

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Surgical gown

Medical Coveralls, Surgical Gowns

Meant for clinical and healthcare professionals, mainly focuses on the resistance of penetration to blood and body fluids.

Medical gloves

Medical Gloves

Disposable, single use protective gloves to that protect the wearer from contamination. We test items made from substances including Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile.

Protective clothing

Protective Clothing (Coverall)

These coveralls provide protection against chemicals. We test for general requirements, seams, joints and assemblages.

Medical towels

Medical Towels

Single-use medical application towels.

Standards we evaluate against

  • IS
  • EN
  • ISO
  • BS
  • EN
  • ASTM