Inspection and Verification

Female Medical Frontliner Wearing PPE

Validate your PPE against technical standards and customs specifications, and minimise the risks posed by counterfeit products.

Are you planning to export personal protective equipment? We provide inspection and verification services to ensure you meet customs requirements and the technical standards and regulations of the exporting country.

We also offer counterfeit product identification, to protect the public from counterfeit products that pose a risk to health and safety.

Contact an expert for more information about our medical Product Conformity Assessment and Counterfeit Product Identification.

Product Conformity Assessment (PCA)

If you manufacture and export PPE, our PCA solution will ensure that your consignments meet the applicable technical regulations and standards set by the regulatory authority of the importing country. Our product specialists will review reports from verification activities such as laboratory tests, physical inspections and factory audits to check that your products are compliant. After we have verified compliance, we will issue a Certificate of Conformity (CoC), which is mandatory for customs clearance.

Quality and Quantity Inspection

We will verify that your products have been manufactured to the required quality, in accordance with expected procedures, and meet technical specifications, codes, standards and other relevant requirements based on contractual documents.

Our inspection services cover:

  • Quality inspection of final products
  • Packing, loading, storing and visual inspections
  • Quantity verification

In addition to our onsite, physical inspections, we also offer remote Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QI) inspections for manufacturing facilities and supply chains anywhere in the world, through our remote inspections app, SGS QiiQ.

Counterfeit Production Identification

We help governments, NGOs, donor agencies, foundations and private institutions to ensure that the PPE products they procure are authentic. We can inspect the quality and quantity of products to avoid problems and risks for the consumer. By reducing the risk of fraudulent certifications and counterfeit products coming into circulation, we help to protect public health and safety.