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Helping our clients to improve business practices and meet customer, investor and stakeholder demands.

Meeting Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria has become an important goal for organisations. Customers and market demands are placing increased pressure on corporations to engage in more sustainable business practice, and investors are increasingly using ESG criteria to evaluate the companies in which they might want to invest.

Because ESG impacts all stakeholders in the corporate and investment sectors, our portfolio of ESG services aims to meet the needs of a variety of organisations, whatever their level of maturity, industry focus or need. SGS ESG Assurance Solutions provide a unique set of competencies that help our clients achieve specific targets and goals.

The Growing Demand to Meet ESG Criteria


Increased scrutiny of company performance and disclosures

Information gap on ESG related issues

Lack of standardised approach to ESG management and disclosure

Rating Agencies

Credibility of data sources

Challenge of focusing on relevant/material issues

Inconsistent and incomparable assessments and ratings


Increasing focus on non-financial risks and ESG disclosure

Absence of standardised regulations and guidelines

Uncertainties about regulation frameworks

ESG Assurance Solutions

ESG Verified

Third party ESG risk evaluation, due diligence, data verification and report assurance to achieve high quality and assured results with external expertise and verification.

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ESG Optimised

Advisory services for improved ESG disclosures or processes, management and performance with clear action plan solutions leading to ESG practice optimisation.

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ESG Certified

Performance evaluation based on SGS criteria and certifications under environmental, social and governance categories, leading to the issuance of an ESG certificate.

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Roadmap to Improved ESG Practices


Identify material ESG risks by evaluating sector, regional, internal and external information.


Conduct analysis against a set of criteria, identifying potential gaps across all ESG areas. Provide competitive, data driven benchmarking across these areas.

Output Options

Depending on the results of your assessment, our technical experts will recommend a tailored range of services from our Verified, Optimised and Certified solutions.


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