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Your emissions can impact on ambient air quality in the vicinity of your operations.

To be sure you are operating in a clean and safe environment, contact SGS for an air quality assessment, including air and odour dispersion studies.

The air quality in your outdoor work environment – the ambient air quality – can affect more than just the health of your workforce. Your air emissions could pose a liability by compromising legal limits or causing nuisance complaints in your neighbourhood.

We can help you understand the impact of your emissions by preparing emission inventories and using air dispersion models to delineate and quantify any impact zones around your processes. This can help you make decisions about air pollution control equipment and strategies, and compare options using reliable data.

Our models are suitable for presentation to government agencies for obtaining permits. This is often a key aspect for approval of any new processes.

Our models can also be applied in:

  • Process upgrades, assisting our customers to make appropriate technology selections
  • Designing programmes to ensure that monitoring resources are appropriately allocated and sited
  • Long-term monitoring exercises where it is prudent to rationalise the number of monitoring stations and parameters
  • Complaints investigations involving multiple sources, where it is necessary to identify the most probable cause of odour and emissions
  • Risk evaluations and disaster situations where short-term, high-concentration pollution episodes need to be closely evaluated

To ensure you are complying with your local area regulations and guidelines for ambient air quality, we can work together to develop a workable model of your impact and appropriate solutions.

Have confidence that your impact will be limited and that you will not pose an air-pollution risk or nuisance to your immediate community – contact our trusted team today.