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Gain insight into the impact of natural resources production with geomechanical and subsidence modelling services from SGS.

Exploitation of subsurface natural resources and subsurface storage of energy residues may cause subsurface and surface deformation which can lead to damage to the natural and (or) human environments. Ground subsidence could result from the dissolution of limestone, subsurface mining (including salt extraction) or groundwater drainage from the subsurface.

Benefits of geomechanical and subsidence modelling from SGS

Our modelling services will help you to:

  • Get a full understanding of the subsurface, from reservoir to surface
  • Understand the relation between subsurface production and surface deformation
  • Forecast surface deformation for any production scenario
  • Mitigate ground subsidence by selecting appropriate production strategies

In the oil and gas industry, ground subsidence may be caused by reservoir compaction related to pressure drawdown in a producing field. To mitigate the effects of potential ground subsidence associated with hydrocarbon exploitation it is important to understand the characteristics of the reservoir, including its geological and mechanical properties. This will allow the prediction of subsurface and surface deformation resulting from the extraction of hydrocarbons from the reservoir rock and enable the selection of appropriate extraction methodologies and the formulation of strategies to prevent or minimise ground subsidence.

Why choose SGS?

With a global network of experts we are ideally placed to support your projects.

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