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Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR) focus on increasing total hydrocarbon recovery levels and (or) accelerating production rates beyond primary and secondary recovery methods.

Get the most out of SGS’s extensive network of laboratories, proprietary EOR screening tools and vast experience in modelling IOR/EOR processes. Given our ability to characterise hydrocarbon reservoirs coupled with an excellent understanding of recovery methods and their suitability to different scenarios, we are ideally positioned to help you choose the best recovery technique to optimise your incremental hydrocarbon extraction.

Application of our workflow enables streamlining of your IOR/EOR programme and optimisation of your hydrocarbon recovery from laboratory work to full field implementation.

Each EOR project is unique. That’s why we focus on building customised and innovative solutions, and invest in the development of in-house tools and workflows based on our experience and expertise.

SGS Advanced Technologies and Innovation Centre (ATIC)

ATIC is the home of our fully equipped laboratory dedicated to the development of new applied technologies for laboratory and field operations for our customers. Combined with our global fixed and mobile laboratory capacity, and our organisational agility, ATIC enables us to provide unique, custom-made solutions.

We provide innovative services and solutions for all steps required by EOR projects. We apply advanced testing and engineering methods, and integrate laboratory data with field studies, to develop a comprehensive analysis of your reservoir. Understanding your needs allows us to select the EOR methods best suited to increasing recovery from your reservoir (e.g. waterflooding, gas injection, chemical EOR, thermal EOR, gas recycling). Our EOR workflow typically covers the following elements:

  • Screening and feasibility studies
  • Laboratory investigation
  • Pilot test
  • Field implementation
  • Modelling

Why choose SGS for IOR/EOR screening & modelling?

We have extensive experience in reservoir management across a wide array of project types. During the last decade, we have been involved in a variety of IOR and EOR projects for oil and gas operators. Our expertise in EOR covers a broad range of activities from screening and feasibility studies, integrated reservoir studies, pilot design, full field static and dynamic modeling; to financial calculations, laboratory experiments, core flooding, risk management and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) studies.

In EOR, miscible gas injection, polymer injection, and steam injection are major areas of our expertise. SGS has developed innovative technologies and integrated workflows to support the field operator in the selection of appropriate and economically feasible EOR technologies. Our extensive EOR experience, along with our hydrocarbon analytical capabilities, is why we are the ideal choice for your EOR project.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist you finding and applying the best IOR/EOR method.

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