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The field of flow assurance is quickly expanding to include a wide range of analytical methods. SGS offers advanced testing and expert knowledge to help you understand hydrate formation, chemical inhibitors and the characterisation of precipitated solids.

With our expertise in chemical comparison, setting design criteria and looking for the source and mechanisms of deposits, we can ensure you have uninterrupted, optimum productivity in your oil and gas streams.

Flow assurance testing

We provide you with expert analysis and interpretation in a range of multi-disciplinary flow assurance testing. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment including:

  • Wax deposition cells
  • Light-scattering onset detectors
  • Hydrate imaging cells
  • Pressurised rheometers
  • Cross-polar microscopes
  • Differential scanning calorimeters
  • A host of ancillary equipment for testing solids and analysing water chemistry

SGS flow assurance technicians and methods are available both within our fixed laboratory testing facilities and offered through the FluidPro PAL™ mobile laboratory service.

Our flow assurance testing programme includes:

  • Wax appearance temperatures (WAT) for both live and dead oils
  • Asphaltene solubility boundaries (asphaltene onset measurements)
  • Hydrate association or disassociation boundaries
  • Scale solubility boundaries and analysis of scale deposits
  • Screening tests for potential organic solids
  • Advanced water chemistry tests
  • Expert and experienced staff to help you find solutions

Contact your SGS representative to discuss how we can help you with your analyses.

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