Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Enabling the sustainable management and efficient utilisation of minerals, agriculture and energy.


SGS Next Normal SolutionsWe help you to ensure sustainable operations and compliance throughout the life cycle, while enhancing productivity, quality and consumer trust. From agriculture and fishing to water and soil preservation and the extractive industries, our solutions enable you to use natural resources more efficiently and sustainably, maximising their utility and contributing to their protection.


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Agriculture & Fishing

Improve yields and protect the environment, whether you are farming crops, livestock or seafood for the global food and feed supply chain. The scope for introducing and improving sustainability is vast. Our solutions enable better decision-making, improved use of resources, and certification to demonstrate quality, safety and sustainability.


Assure buyers that timber and timber products come from forests evaluated and certified as being managed according to social, economic and environmental standards. Our FSC, PEFC, CFCC and EU timber regulation solutions enable organisations to provide traceability and certification data for both forest management and chain of custody.


Making the most of market developments and advances in technology, our mining solutions support organisations as they navigate increasing regulations and more complex challenges than ever before. From site exploration and analysis, to site operations, production and plant, our experts and cutting-edge facilities help to minimise risk and environmental impacts.

Fossil Fuels

Demonstrate and improve sustainability in the exploration, refining and transportation of oil, gas, oil sands and other hydrocarbons. Our Sustainability Solutions help you identify and minimise risk, as well as respond to an emergency, anywhere in the world.

Water & Soil Preservation

Check the quality of water and soil at every point of the supply chain. Our Sustainability Solutions protect the environment and public health, verify quality and fitness for purpose, and ensure that waste is dealt with efficiently and with regulatory compliance.

Through these services we help you contribute to the following UN SDGs:

SDGs for natural resources

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