Special Offers on Testing, Inspection and Training from SGS

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We’re happy to extend some very special offers for IDFC current account customers from SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company.

We’re proud to announce that, through our partnership with IDFC First Bank, we can now provide IDFC current account customers with special offers on some of our services.

Who are we?

SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. We offer specialized solutions to make businesses faster, simpler and more efficient. Through our quality inspection and certification services, we enable a better, safer and more interconnected world.

Product Inspections

We provide independent inspections of your products, at various stages of the product life cycle, to ensure product quality and identify critical defects before your product hits the market. Our product quality inspections and testing cover the complete range of consumer products: furniture and electronics, toys, cosmetics, textiles, footwear and more.

Special Offers on Product Testing, Inspections and Audits

10% OFF testing and inspection charges (pre-shipment and post-shipment testing and inspection services, supplier capacity and capability audits, container loading supervision, defect analysis and technical audits and damage surveys)

Contact the SGS Team for Product Inspection Services.

Softlines Product Testing

SGS provides product testing of apparel and home textiles, leather and footwear, and PPE (safety gloves, safety footwear etc.) to ensure product quality, safety and sustainability and to identify non-conforming products.

10% OFF softlines testing services

Contact the SGS Team for Softlines Product Testing Services.

Trade Facilitation Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services to smooth and accelerate the process of trading across borders, so you can trade safely, legitimately and efficiently all over the globe.

Special Offers on Trade Facilitation Services

10% DISCOUNTS on the following services

General inspections for import and export shipments – to certify that products are in compliance with laws, regulations, rules, quality standards, import/export requirements and safety regulations for chemical composition, durability, environmental impact etc.

Vendor assessment and technical audit – to assess the ability of a customer or supplier to deliver orders and ensure regulatory compliance

Stock verification – to provide detailed stock verification at warehouses, factories or vehicles

Project monitoring – to determine the exact status of your project, anytime, anywhere. Independent project monitoring from SGS supports you with dedicated project coordination and monitoring, quality assurance and quality control inspections

ValiTrade authentication and verification – SGS’s trade investigation service provides verified data to enhance visibility and speed up trade transactions worldwide

CSR and aid efficiency services – to enhance the effectiveness of CSR mandates and projects and meet the growing demand for accountability and transparency

Fixed asset management services – manage fixed assets in an easy, reliable manner. We offer comprehensive coverage across multiple geographic locations

Contact the SGS Team for Trade Facilitation Services.

Environment, Health and Safety

We help businesses to protect their workers and the environment and ensure compliance with health and safety and environmental regulations.

Special Offers on Water Quality Testing

We offer drinking water analysis to check drinking water quality for physical, chemical and biological parameters.

10% DISCOUNT PER SAMPLE: drinking water test as per IS 10500:2012 (without radioactive, virology and parasitology). Rate: INR 18500

10% DISCOUNT PER SAMPLE: drinking water test as per IS 10500:2012, essential 32 parameters (including microparameters). Rate: INR 9000

10% DISCOUNT PER SAMPLE: drinking water test as per IS 10500:2012, essential 19 parameters (including microparameters). Rate: INR 6000

Contact the SGS Team for Environmental, Health and Safety Testing Services.

Training from SGS Academy

SGS Academy provides effective training to help your employees keep up with the latest industry practice, stay on top of ever-changing technical standards and ensure compliance with regulations. We conduct various courses on food and non-food ISO standards. Our training is available online or on-site and can be customized to meet your requirements.

EXCLUSIVE EARLY BIRD OFFER if you book training 30 days in advance or book two or more delegates for one training course

Contact the SGS Team for Training Services.

Health & Nutrition

SGS helps to protect your customers by offering testing, inspection and certification solutions to ensure the safety, quality, efficacy, authenticity and sustainability of foods, medicines, cosmetics and hygiene products.

Contact the SGS Team for Health & Nutrition Services.

Natural Resources

Through our global network of experts, we support rapidly evolving mining, oil, gas and chemical supply chains, with an increased focus on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). We help you to enhance productivity, quality and consumer trust and ensure compliant and sustainable operations by supporting you with laboratory outsourcing, commodities logistics, geochemistry, metallurgy, sustainability and market intelligence solutions.

Contact the SGS Team for Natural Resources Services.