Solutions for the Railway Industry

Testing and inspection services to help you ensure quality and meet complex safety requirements.

The entire railway industry value chain depends on the proper functioning and durability of a wide variety of products and components. Every day, quality expectations are increasing and safety requirements are becoming more complex. SGS will help you ensure safety, efficient performance, durability, and compliance with applicable regulations and standards and your own specifications. Our complete range of services includes laboratory testing, product inspection and consulting, process assessment, audits, verification, and technical and transactional assistance.

Rail Transport


  • Obtain accurate test results for material properties, design robustness, product safety and manufacturing quality
  • Reduce the risk of damage, insufficient performance and failure
  • Ensure the safety, quality and performance of interior and exterior rolling stock components, including painted products, textiles, plastics, rubbers, adhesives, metals and electronic components
  • Access a range of unique solutions, including bespoke tests
  • Lab services available throughout the project lifecycle


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SGS Testing Services for the Railway Industry

Our rail testing services include test execution, analysis, reporting and consulting. We provide:

  • Mechanical testing
  • Metallurgical testing
  • Environmental and corrosion testing
  • Testing of polymers and composite materials
  • Testing of electrical and electronic equipment
  • Testing of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Fluid resistance tests on dry paint coating
  • Testing of rubber cover floor
  • Testing of fabrics and textile products
  • Testing of thermosetting plastics with fibre reinforcement

We are a leading provider of testing services for rail operators across the globe, with a worldwide network of 150 laboratories, strategically located on all continents. Our qualified engineers and technicians will test railway products and components according to local and international standards as well as any custom specifications that you provide.

SGS Inspection Services for the Railway Industry

Our inspection services for the railway industry and its supply chain will help you to reduce risk, ensure quality and accuracy and meet regulatory requirements.

We provide:

  • Inspection at vendor places
  • Expediting services at vendor places
  • Health and safety supervision during construction
  • Inspection and supervision during bridge construction (civil, mechanical)
  • Vendor evaluation and qualification
  • Controlled shipping level 1 (CSL1), controlled shipping level 2 (CSL2), first article inspection (FAI)
  • Product and process inspection
  • Parts inventory inspection
  • Evaluation of storage and transport from origin to destination

You Can Trust SGS

SGS is a world leader in testing, inspection and verification with over a hundred years’ worth of experience, a global network and unparalleled resources. When you choose SGS, you can be secure in knowing that we are the best choice to help you ensure quality, safety and compliance.

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