Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA)

SGS is one of the largest providers of Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audits (SMETA) – one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world, combining the best practices in corporate social responsibility.

SMETA enables brands and retailers to partner with suppliers that participate in SEDEX to ensure ethical trading and corporate social responsibility. The concept describes a methodology based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. Audits in the SMETA format focus as much on labour conditions and occupational safety as on environmental standards and ethical business practices.

SMETA is developed and maintained by the Sedex Stakeholder Forum (the SSF), with nearly 20,000 audits uploaded onto the Sedex platform every year. Since November 1, 2018, each SMETA audit carries a unique reference code to ensure the SMETA audit is appropriately validated.

As one of the largest providers of SMETA, we can help you with every aspect of the audit process.

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What are the benefits of SMETA?

  • SEDEX audit reports reduce supply chain audit duplication by providing a widely acceptable single format for social compliance audits
  • Social compliance audits as per the SMETA Standard, enable companies to effectively share and manage ethical supply chain information
  • SMETA enhances ethical trading programs in the supply chain
  • Reduces social responsibility and sustainability risks
  • Brands and buyers can view and share supplier data on social compliance audits on the SEDEX database

How does the audit process work?

  • Step A: tailored proposal from SGS after audit request form is received
  • Step B: audit scheduled and executed
  • Step C: report issued to client and uploaded on SEDEX platform
  • Step D: if there is any desktop closure, we will update the SEDEX platform. If a follow up audit is required, this will be scheduled and executed
  • Step E: R-Sudit after one year

How can SGS provide support?

SGS is a world-leading certification, testing, inspection and verification provider. Partnering with SGS for your information security audits, certification and training requirements means better-performing processes, increasingly skilful talent and more sustainable customer relationships. We have a history of undertaking and successfully executing large-scale, complex international projects. With a presence in every region around the globe, our people speak the language and understand the culture of your local market.

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