Water Solutions

Evaluate quality, optimise irrigation.

Accurately evaluate water quality with our reliable and accredited analytical services to underpin your agricultural water management activities, including:

  • Sampling & testing
  • Moisture management/soil moisture scheduling
  • Hydroponic management

Water Sampling & Analysis

Determining the quality and chemical content of water sources, our water sampling and testing solutions deliver recommendations that, enable you to:

  • Understand water quality
  • Optimise water use
  • Improve irrigation efficiency
  • Ensure water safety

Recommendations can only be as good as the samples collected; poor sampling techniques may result in misleading recommendations.

Soil Moisture Management

Use relevant local data to deliver optimised irrigation strategies.

Water availability significantly impacts crop growth. Our soil moisture management solution translates rainfall, humidity, sun radiation, wind, air temperature and evaporation data from weather stations into crop yield outcomes. Using this data, our agronomists can then tell farmers when to irrigate crops and by how much.

Weather station data, whether SGS-owned or not, is very accurate and combined with our expert interpretation means you no longer need to rely on general weather predictions.

Hydroponic Management

Monitor, dose nutrients and fertilisers, and manage plants growing without soil with advice from our network of hydroponic program and management experts.

Hydroponics is where plants are grown with or without soil known as a growth medium, but with exposed roots in contact with a mineral solution.

We calculate and advise you on the dosing of additional nutrients and fertilisers to correct nutrient deficiencies proactively. The hydroponics system means that irrigation water is applied to plants’ active root zone.

Precision Agriculture

Optimise productivity & maximise crop yields

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