Tissue Solutions

Learning through leaves and tissues.

Sampling and analysing leaves and vegetative tissues will tell you much about a crop’s health, nutrient levels and yield potential. Our services:

  • Compare crops against optimum guidelines
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve plant health
  • Increase yields

Plant & Vegetable Tissue Sampling & Analysis

Avoid nutrient deficiencies in crops.

Sampling and analysis of plant and vegetable tissue is a valuable crop management tool. Once nutrient levels are identified and benchmarked against the optimum guidelines, corrective measures can be used to counteract any factors limiting or affecting yields. Once nutrient values are determined, farmers can balance the nutrient requirements with fertilisers or foliar feeds for better yields and quality production.

During critical growing periods, vegetative tissue sampling results can be combined with soil tests for a clearer picture of a crop’s entire nutritional system.

Tutorial: What is the SGS leaf sampling procedure?

Foliar Spray Programs

Supplement plants’ nutritional needs quickly and effectively.

Foliar feeding is the practice of applying liquid fertiliser directly to plants’ leaves where the essential elements are absorbed through the stomata and epidermis. Our foliar spray programs are a fast way to supply micro-nutrients, such as iron and zinc in corrective quantities.

For crops under stress from drought, pest-attack or disease, foliar sprays are the most effective treatment. The uptake of nutrients is much faster when a plant’s turgor pressure is good, than it is through roots and therefore sick/damaged or nutrient deficient plants will recover much more quickly.

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Precision Agriculture

Optimise productivity & maximise crop yields

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