Soil Solutions

Improve decision making.

Choose the most suitable soil properties for crop, seed, density, optimise crop development, increase growth and ensure quality with SGS's soil solutions. We can help you with:

  • Soil classification & mapping
  • Soil sampling & analysis
  • Soil fertility management
  • Fertigation and/or fertiliser programmes

Soil Classification & Mapping

Find out which crops to plant for the best profit, quality and yield. Our systematic audit process delivers all the detail you need to make better decisions, manage risks and plan fertiliser, plant protection and irrigation programmes.

We use the latest:

  • Spatial technology
  • GPS positioning
  • Hi-resolution satellite imaging
  • NDVI surveys
  • Mapping software

Soil Sampling & Analysis

Obtain maximum yields with the minimum of inputs.

Our soil sampling solution identifies the nutrients in soil, and the quantities present. Analysis reveals the soil’s capacity for meeting the needs of growing crops and gauges the need for additional nutrients to optimise crop production. With this data farmers can invest in the right quantity of inputs for a field’s yield potential.

SGS's digital precision agriculture solutions (e.g. Precision Gateway), convert data from soil analysis into practical fertiliser programmes which can be applied direct to fields. For specialised crops, we supply an agronomist to help with the interpretation process.

Tutorial: How to do soil sampling?

Fertiliser Testing

Ensure fertilisers deliver the nutrient you have paid for.

Our testing services determines the concentration of nutrients and potential contaminants, e.g. heavy metals, in fertilisers to ensure that they are as sold and perform as they should.

Tutorial: How to do soil sampling?

Manure Testing

Save money by harvesting nutrients from your local resources. Why spend money on chemical fertiliser when you have ample sources of nitrogen on site?

Manure testing, analysis and management plans (also known as comprehensive nutrient management plans, or CNMPs) can help you enhance production while reducing your costs.

Our comprehensive solutions ensure your compliance with the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Fertigation Programmes

Fertigation is the combining of irrigation and fertilisation, enabling farmers to dose additional nutrients and fertilisers to plants, or to correct nutrient deficiencies. It offers innovative ways to optimise production, improve quality and deliver more quantity with the same resources.

Better understanding of nutritional and fertiliser needs starts with testing. Plant tissue, soil, water solution and water analyses together empower growers to take decisive action to improve the health and productivity of plants as well as reduce costs.

Our experts can then recommend a tailored programme of fertilisation and irrigation, fertigation, to maximise returns.

Precision Agriculture

Optimise productivity & maximise crop yields

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