Precision Farming

It's all about optimisation.

Work smarter, not harder, to optimize productivity and maximize crop yields. Precision farming uses testing and data analysis to give you control and improve decision-making.

Sustainability in agriculture is of increasing importance. The industry is impacted not only by rising production costs and fluctuating product costs/prices but also environment and food security requirements and customer demand for better quality products.

Meeting these challenges requires farming to become more effective. Our experienced staff can provide you with all your field- and laboratory needs.


NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) forms the basis of our Precision Farming platform. It uses maps created for vegetation indices based on special images. NDVI is used to quantify the vegetation condition.

The SGS PrecisionGateway Mapping app is a cloud-based mobile data collection and management tool that captures point of reference information. Satellite imagery of your farm is automatically downloaded 48 hours after capture.

Yield History & Mapping

Achieve a full understanding of your fields and the season’s yields.

Our yield history and mapping solution, overlaying the various data sheets captured before and during harvest to generate a summary of the season’s performance.

Crop Inspections

Field inspections and scouting, to identify areas of damage and crop stress, are integral to crop management.

Our inspections identify nutrient deficiencies, pests and diseases and leaf/tissue samples are taken as needed during inspections for analysis to identify any deficiencies in the plant.

Expertise Talks: Factors Affecting Nutrients in Leaves

Statistical Analysis

Save on input costs and produce the maximum crops.

Our statistical analyses help you to determine the exact and correct amount of fertiliser required for a specific crop yield based on:

  • Soil type
  • Soil analysis
  • Plant analysis
  • Fertiliser application
  • Variety as well as plant population on grain crops
  • Crop potential
  • Seasonality
  • Water resources

Foliar Spray Programmes

Supplement plants’ nutritional needs quickly and effectively.

Foliar feeding is the practice of applying liquid fertiliser directly to plants’ leaves where the essential elements are absorbed through the stomata and epidermis. Our foliar spray programmes are a fast way to supply nutrients, such as iron and zinc in corrective quantities, or to positively impact the nutrition and quality value of grain, fruits and vegetables.

For crops under stress from drought, pest-attack or disease, foliar sprays are the most effective treatment. The uptake of nutrients is much faster when plant turgor is good than through roots and therefore sick plants will recover much more quickly.

Expertise Talks: Successful Foliar Spray Feeding

Virtual Consultant

With the PrecisionGateway app you can identify and geo-reference any odd occurrences in your fields, make notes and take pictures, to be sent direct to your SGS Virtual consultant for off-site support and advise.

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Precision Agriculture

Optimise productivity & maximise crop yields

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