Environmental Assessments

Driving Environmentally Sustainable Business Practices

With the degradation of ecosystems, many countries are turning their attention to environmental issues. While governments enforce relevant regulations, industries have started to develop their own codes of conduct, limit the use of chemicals and overhaul manufacturing operations.

As the leading second-party environmental assessment provider, our strong technical contribution to industry schemes puts us at the forefront of regulatory changes and trends. With a wide range of assessment, verification and testing solutions, we can help you minimise environmental impact and improve sustainability performance. Our global network of experts enables you to assess the environmental performance of your organisation and to check whether it complies with mandatory standards and voluntary industry requirements.

Our environmental expertise:

  • Active involvement in the development and roll out of the Higg Index since 2011
  • Key contributor to the development of the Higg FEM verification program
  • Successfully supported the steering committee for the convergence of chemical management between SAC, OIA and ZDHC
  • Large global network of auditors with 250 qualified for different industry schemes in over 35 countries

We help you:

  • With strong technical expertise to guide you in the right direction
  • Gain visibility of your environmental impact
  • Reduce audit redundancies
  • Minimise costs with tailored industry standards
  • Translate data into action with effective analytics

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Types of Environmental Assessments

Areas of scope

  • Environmental management system
  • Energy and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Air emissions
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Waste
  • Chemicals management
  • Land use and biodiversity nuisances

Industry Initiatives

  • Higg index FEM (Sustainable Apparel Coalition)
  • Amfori BEPI
  • Together for Sustainability (TfS)

Client Specific Protocols

We can conduct assessments based on your proprietary methodology and tools.

SGS Checklist

  • On-site: Environmental Compliance Assessment (ECA)
  • Remote: Environmental Compliance Assessment (ECA)

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