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Flexible learning to keep your employees up to speed with new developments.

In a world of fast-changing regulations, rapidly advancing technology and dynamic markets, it is essential that your employees stay up to speed with new developments.

At the same time, changing work practices often make traditional training and development channels unfeasible. Today’s employees can work from multiple locations and are often overwhelmed with demands, leaving only a small percentage of their time to devote to learning.

eLearning offers employees a flexible approach to learning. It enables them to improve their understanding of new developments in technology and changes to standards and regulations, wherever and whenever they wish.

SGS Academy offers convenient and accessible digital courses for your staff. We are constantly expanding our range of digital courses, covering more industries and more topics than ever before. With digital training from SGS Academy, you can unleash the full potential of your workforce.

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Transform Professional Development

Management Systems digital courses

Reduce Risk and Promote Occupational Health and Safety Management

Ensure Food Safety for Your Organization

Comply with the New EU Regulations for Medical Devices

Medical Devices Digital Courses

Understand the principles of human rights and how they are applied universally

Benefits of Digital Learning

  • Workers gain new skills and learn new behaviors that enhance your business
  • The learning experience is personalized
  • Employees control when, where and how learning takes place
  • Staff can be reached across multiple sites
  • Workers in remote locations feel more connected
  • Results are trackable and measurable

Why choose SGS Academy?

As a world leader in professional training, drawing on years of worldwide experience and a unique global reach, we offer the best in professional development training. Our courses cover a wide range of industries and are taught by experts in their fields. We provide training for the world’s largest companies and government organizations.

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