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The SGS Advanced Centre of Testing (ACT), based in Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, uses advanced scientific technology to provide next level quality and safety solutions. With high resolution mass spectrometry, digital sensory analysers, next generation sequencing and digital PCR, ACT opens the door for you to explore an advanced level of quality and safety while offering you the solutions you need to build consumer trust.

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Advantages Offered by ACT

  • Fast, high-end analysis
  • Repeatable, unbiased results
  • Lower limits of quantification (LoQs)
  • Easy identification of novel compounds
  • Retrospective data analysis
  • Unbiased reports to support your product claims

Discover the Power of Advanced

With advanced scientific tools like High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry, Digital Sensory Analysers, Next Generation Sequencing and Digital PCR, we advance you to the next level of safety and quality.

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Artificial Intelligence

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Targeted Nontargeted Analysis

Targeted and Non-Targeted Analysis

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DNA Solutions

DNA Solutions

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Digital Sensory

Digital Sensory Analysis

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Targeted and Non-Targeted Analysis

With high resolution accurate mass spectrometry (HRAM) using Orbitrap mass analyser technology in combination with quadrupole, SGS can detect the presence of any chemical in a sample. HRAM also allows us to identify the presence of new molecules of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, steroids, nitrosamines, contaminants etc. in a given sample.

Targeted analysis allows us to screen for:

  • Over 3000 agrochemical residues, pesticides, veterinary drugs, antibiotics and other contaminants
  • Adulteration of meat with horsemeat, dyes in spices, and melamine and cyanuric acid in milk powder
  • Allergens in food products

We can also establish food authenticity and verify organic claims.

Non-targeted screening enables us to identify unknown contaminants in agricultural, food and environmental samples.

DNA Solutions

Our next generation sequencing (NGS) technology enables you to ensure product integrity and prevent food fraud, contamination and adulteration. We use Digital PCR and RT-PCR to identify plant, fish and meat species, ingredients, pathogens and potential adulteration, even in highly processed food products. A single test can identify all plant or animal species in a food or feed sample.

We can:

  • Validate the authenticity of your products and ingredients
  • Identify genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Provide an allergen risk assessment
  • Confirm halal and vegan compliance
  • Characterise pathogens using whole genome sequencing
  • Verify your suppliers
  • Help you develop healthier products with microbiome testing for metagenomics analysis

Digital Sensory Analysis

Our artificial sensory technology allows us to mimic the mammalian smell and taste senses that interact with the human brain. Electronic sensing devices provide unbiased, accurate and repeatable measurements – a distinct advantage over assessments by panels, which involve time-consuming training and are prone to bias.



  • Ensure sensory conformity during production
  • Determine the best storage conditions and shelf life
  • Understand the effects of packaging interactions
  • Investigate consumer claims
  • Protect your trademarks



  • Match products and formulations
  • Identify unknown samples and sample origins
  • Determine shelf life
  • Confirm sensory descriptions
  • Test the effectiveness of taste masking

Advanced Centre of Testing – Get Future Ready

Advance to the next level of safety, quality, authenticity and sustainability.

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