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Many companies choose SGS’s geochemical, mine-site or on-site production laboratory services for their analytical and/or assay requirements.

In the area of on-site analysis, SGS is the unparalleled global provider of such services. We bring the same principles, procedures and quality management procedures to contract lab operation as we do to our commercial laboratories, thus ensuring you of timely analytical services you can trust.

Allowing SGS to design, equip, staff and operate an on-site laboratory at your facility means that you benefit from our full slate of experience in the analytical business. An SGS on-site laboratory provides the fast turnaround, accurate, reliable analytical data that you need to effectively run and optimise your project operations. We are able to combine sampling and analytical services for

  • Grade control
  • Plant control
  • Environmental materials (water, soil, tailings etc)
  • Regional or site exploration support
  • Production forecasting
  • Commercial support (ie concentrate or cathode analysis)
  • Particle size analysis
  • Bench scale metallurgical test support for plant services
  • Wear oil and used oil analysis

You gain a competitive edge when you take advantage of SGS’s globally recognised 3rd party on-site laboratory services. By trusting SGS to provide your contract lab operation facilities, you will:

  • Benefit from the fast turnaround of accurate, reliable analytical data
  • Reduce shipping costs and turnaround time delays that arise because samples are shipped off-site
  • Take advantage of SGS’s globally recognised technical expertise and audit control
  • Gain flexibility - our on-site laboratory service allows you to choose the design, equip, staff or operate options that best suit your needs
  • Focus on the core aspects of your operation
  • Allocate your financial and staff resources more effectively, freeing up capital that would otherwise be spent on equipment and staffing

When you choose an SGS on-site laboratory for your project, you gain a world of experience in respected, reliable chemical analysis. Contact us to see how we can help you obtain test results that you can trust.